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Vitamin A cream

Vitamin A cream

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Product name: retinol cream (with color box)

Specification: 50 g

Properties: cream

Benefits: retinol cream is an effective anti-wrinkle, pure-active multivitamin A(retinol) and antioxidant vitamins C and E have the power to penetrate the skin's surface to develop wrinkles and damage. - feng

Rich in vitamin A, C and E, nourishing the skin. The main function is to eliminate the bean print, and pore refinement, brightens the skin. Even skin tone. Because this product is not only to eliminate the bean print, but also to inhibit the bean products.

1. Better against hair week keratinization rich vitamin A, C and E, nourishing the skin

2. Eliminate bean marks and refine pores

3. Brighten and even the skin tone

4. Anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidation

Usage: after cleaning the face, apply appropriate amount onto the face with the dropper and gently pat until absorption.

Suitable for skin: uneven, dull, pigmented skin

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